How to make a LED throwie

What is a LED throwie? LED throwies were developed by the Graffiti Research Lab as a form of removable, reusable interactive art. By combining LEDs, batteries, and rare earth magnets, you can make brightly coloured lights that will stick to any ferromagnetic surface. Western Fair has invited the MakerBus to sell throwies at the 2014 […]

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Summer Library Roadtrip Mega Post

This summer as part of the TD Summer Reading Program, the MakerBus will be visiting nearly every library in London offering 90 minute pop-up maker activities. In this post you’ll find more information about these activities. Here is a schedule of our upcoming visits: Children’s: July 28, 2:30 p.m. Crouch: July 29, 2:30 p.m. Beacock: […]

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An easy way to make a brushbot

There are plenty of fantastic tutorials on the internet showing how to make tiny robots called “brushbots” out of toothbrushes (this one is quite good). But we’ve noticed that a lot of the tutorials require soldering – something that not everyone feels comfortable with since it involves molten lead. This tutorial will show how you […]

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ReMAKE, Reuse, Recycle

At the end of our Make University summer camp we received a very happy surprise from the parents of two of our campers. Brian Thom visited our website and noticed that we had a big list of supplies that we were looking for and donated a big awesome box of stuff to us! In the […]

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