MAKE London Designer Profile: Beth and Kim’s amazing DIY jewelry

The MAKE London Wearable Technology and Made Clothing Fashion Show is a chance for Londoners to come together to celebrate the creativity and originality of our community.

The MakerBus team is also hoping to use this event to raise awareness for our project. We’re building Canada’s first mobile makerspace and technology education classroom, bringing access to technology and education anywhere in our community.

If you’d like to help support the MakerBus and our goal to advocate for education in our community, consider buying a piece of Beth and Kim’s amazing DIY jewelry. Beth and Kim are co-founders of the MakerBus and love to create jewelry from non-traditional materials in their space time. From Lego earrings to pendants made from salvaged computer wire, Beth and Kim make unwanted objects into works of art.

Beth and Kim will be selling and wearing their unique creations at MAKE London – all proceeds from their jewelry sales will go towards the MakerBus renovations, making our project that much closer to being on the road.

If jewelry isn’t your thing, consider having your picture taken at our Makey Makey-powered DIY photobooth. Pictures and prints are $5 and like the jewelry go towards MakerBus renovations.

MAKE London is going to be a night of fun, fashion, and all-around fabulousness – why not bring home a souvenir that helps out a good cause?

If you’re interested in how local makers are creating stunning works of art, attend the MAKE London Wearable Technology and Made Clothing Fashion Show, March 20th at Museum London. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door – expect an evening of art, dance, music, and creativity.

For more information, or to buy tickets, visit Museum London’s Website.

-MakerBus team